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Robert Glasper releases Double-Booked

US: iTunes, Amazon CD, Amazon MP3
Canada: iTunes, Amazon CD

[Robert Glasper]'s brand new album, Double-Booked, comes out today. We were fortunate enough to receive a copy a few weeks ago and it sounds amazing! Probably his best release to date. I know we say this about all the albums on Nextbop, but maybe we just have a talent for choosing amazing artists!

Unfortunately, you cannot listen to any of the tracks from Double-Booked on Nextbop. We've been desperately trying to get permission from Blue Note Records to stream some of their music on our website but they've proven to be a very hard cookie to crack. So if anyone from Blue Note reads this: come on guys we're trying to promote your artists! Help us out over here!

We don't feature any CD reviews on Nextbop since we believe everyone should make their own mind about what music they like and what music they never want to hear again. Lucky for you you can listen to three songs from Double-Booked on Robert's freshly revamped [Official Website]. Let us know what you think and if you like what you hear, go buy the album! Support jazz artists!

That's a lot of exclamation marks. Must have had too much VitaminWater.