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Robert Glasper Experiment Bootleg Out Now

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Have you gotten around to listening to the Robert Glasper Experiment's new album, Black Radio, at NPR First Listen yet? You've still got a few days left. A great companion to your Black Radio stream is this mix compiled by Frolab that Okayplayer tracked down.

It is imperative you listen to this thing but especially note that it closes with that Kanye/Yasiin (Then Mos Def)/Lupe cipher last year at Blue Note. Remember that thing flooding the internet when it first happened last February? Remember how raw Kanye got once he got going? Remember how Mos always seems to come correct and throughout the mix was dropping on us all nuggets of greatness that would soon to dwell in the folds of what would ultimately end up on Black Radio? (Remember Lupe sort of... um...? Oh, Lupe, third was not the best slot for you that blustery night in February.) Most importantly, do you remember how cool it felt that jazz was a part of this very cool moment in hip hop and it felt right (Like everything involving ATCQ, not like Miles' Doo-Bop)? It's pretty cool to hear that moment in time again. Moreso, it's pretty cool to see how the Experiment is tied to everyone involved in this scene. The personnels both of this mix and Black Radio prove Glasper and crew have reach just as impressive as their range.

I have previously called Kanye West the new Quincy Jones. I stand by my rationale with that claim but I'd like to say that Glasper is in close contention for that accolade. Folks, there's a horse race going on right now in the "who can best put together a cauldron of diverse real talent" department. It's pretty cool to see this all playing out.

Anyway, I shall step off my soapbox and direct you to this very dope mix and tell you to get on getting this album ASAP (on CD, mp3, or vinyl). We'll have a For Your Consideration piece stating our love of all Glasper is pulling off with this most awesome album soon.