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Pianist Ruslan Sirota (Finally) Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Around this time last year, I got to see The Stanley Clarke Band perform in San Antonio and was reintroduced to the amazing talent of Ukranian pianist Ruslan Sirota. While Sirota has cut his teeth in Clarke's band (and won a Grammy in 2011 for their remarkable self-titled album) as well as alongside the likes of Marcus Miller, Rachelle Ferrell, Dennis Chambers, Ne-Yo, Brian McKnight, and various others in assorted touring bands, the wait for Sirota to step out front with his own work was damn near interminable. Finally, like a random flash, Sirota took to his Twitter this week to announce the release of his debut album, Ruslan, available at the pay-what-you-like model at his Bandcamp for a limited time.

Sirota made a note that this album, which was three years in the making, may not last for long on his Bandcamp page, but it's still very much available at Amazon and iTunes as well. Also, for more updates, make sure to like Ruslan Sirota on Facebook.