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Phronesis - 'Life to Everything' Preview (Video)

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

The video below is largely a clip of drummer Anton Eger working out the outstanding closing solo of "Wings 2 the Mind" from their new live album, Life to Everything. It's one of the more impressive moments of the album and well worth the price of admission. The Scandinavian trio which also includes bassist Jasper Høiby and pianist Ivo Neame have been favorites of ours at Nextbop, a trio that lives just suitably enough outside the pocket. They're a marvel in the studio and, as their new album can attest, even more of a delight live. Check out the preview video for Life to Everything after the jump.

Filmed by Mathieu Mastin

Life to Everything is available for pre-order now at the Edition Records Bandcamp store. It's available everywhere April 7th.