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New Music: Romain Collin

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[Listen to Romain Collin in the Nextplayer]

[Romain Collin]'s a French pianist, now based out of New York. He leads an amazing trio and we just LOVED his debut album on Fresh Sound. You can now check out 3 tracks from the record on Nextbop. Romain also sent us the demo to his next album and it's KILLIN'! We'll keep you posted, but definitely be on the lookout for that one! Also, if you're in NYC, he'll be playing at the Blue Note on Friday December 11th. So don't miss him! Here's a link to the [Facebook event].

One particularity of his album, The Rise and Fall of Pipokuhn, (other than the name... how the hell did he come up with that?) is that it came with really kick-ass artwork. I asked Romain about it and he told me that each of the drawings actually illustrated one of the songs on the album. So here they are! Once again, I suggest you use the gallery on the right of the post, but if you're lazy you can just scroll down the page.

Album Cover

Ashes and Snow

Maui, Hawaii

The Fight Behind the Great Wall

The Giant Scam

The Lost Wife

Onward, Upward

The Traveler

The Rise and Fall of Pipokuhn