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Mehliana - "Sleeping Giant" (Video)

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

The folks at Nonesuch Records really know how to tease out material because they're steadily dropping these videos one by one of the duo of Brad Mehldau on keyboards and Mark Guiliana on drums from their performance at Los Angeles' Largo from October of last year. The latest video of the pair performing "Sleeping Giant" comes just in time for the release of their new album, Taming the Dragon. Watch the video after the jump (and maybe catch the previous videos for "Just Call Me Nige" and "Hungry Ghost", if you haven't already).

Video directed/recorded by Alex Chaloff.

Mehliana's Taming the Dragon is out now in CD, MP3, and FLAC format at the Nonesuch store and at iTunes.