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Mark Guiliana - "My Life Starts Now" (Stream)

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Drummer Mark Guiliana just posted the title track to one of his two upcoming albums, My Life Starts Now. The song will be free with pre-order on iTunes which go down next Tuesday, August 19th. My Life Starts Now is out September 2nd on Guiliana's newly-started Beat Music Productions. His other album, Beat Music: The Los Angeles Improvisations will also release the same day. Check out the title track to My Life Starts Now after the jump.

The 14-song album will thematically tackle Guiliana as he leaps into the next stage of his life-- starting a family. It will feature Stu Brooks on electric bass, Yuki Hirano on keyboards, Michael Severson on guitar, and vocals from Jeff Taylor and Gretchen Parlato, along with spoken word from Me'Shell NdegéOcello. The track captures the herky-jerky tone one has come to love and expect from the talented percussionist and will likely point to the same kind of vibe throughout the album.

Beat Music: The Los Angeles Improvisations will feature Tim Lefebvre on electric bass, Jeff Babko on keyboards, and Troy Zeigler on electronics improvising together (naturally) from a studio session back in July 2013. It's a lot to look forward to, thankfully, we have this song to give us a taste in the meantime.