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Marco Benevento - "Limbs of a Pine", "Fireworks", and "This Is How It Goes" (Stream)

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Marco Benevento has been steady cooking up new material on top of his constant gigging. His latest album, TigerFace, is poised to release September 11. If the rest of the album plays like this latest single, "Limbs of a Pine", which posted to Rolling Stone last week, things are about to get trippier than ever before, which is what we should expect from Benevento. Check it out after the jump.

Marco Benevento - "Limbs of a Pine feat. Kalmia Traver"

And just because some things have slipped through the cracks in the last month, here's a few more recent songs from Benevento dropped on the Royal Potato SoundCloud account.