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Lars Danielsson, Yaron Herman, Xavier Desandre Navarre and Gustav Ljunggren perform "Suffering" (video)

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Stumbled onto this yesterday and thought it was pretty extraordinary stuff so I figured I'd share it here. Wish I knew more about the video. The song is entitled "Suffering" and was composed by e.s.t.'s own Lars Danielsson. The performance is probably from somewhere between 2007 and 2009 and features Danielsson on cello (yeah I said cello and he's plucking it like a mofo), Yaron Herman on piano, Xavier Desandre Navarre on percussions and Gustav Ljunggren on lap steel. The sounds are obviously heavily influenced by e.s.t. but I could also hear some resemblances to Avishai Cohen and Yaron always brings his own flare to the session. The video is a magical 8 minute foray into the universe of these tremendously gifted musicians. Highly enjoyable if you're into these types of sounds.