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Kenneth Whalum III at Bohemian Caverns Pt.2

Jared Bailey
Contributing Writer / @Popular_Strangr

Last year, I was privileged enough to not only attend Kenneth Whalum’s first performance at DC’s legendary Bohemian Caverns, but to meet with him as well. Since then, Whalum has been a great mentor and friend to me, so when I found out he was coming back to Bohemian this year, obviously there was no other option but to be in there for both nights. To no surprise, Whalum delivered even harder than last year, with an even bigger response from the jazz community. For those who wish they could’ve been there, I was able to get a few moments of the performance as well as speak with Kenneth in between sets. And I definitely couldn’t go and not get some pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Jared Bailey is a trumpeter. His latest album can be found his Bandcamp page.