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'JU Meets Moster'

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

In my time of being a music journalist, I try to pay attention to musicians when I'm seeing plenty of accents and special characters in folks' names. There's just something about the Europeans and their weirdo approach to jazz that ruffles feathers like other stereotypical cultural approaches just don't have. The team up of Hungarian power trio JÜ with reedist Kjetil Møster certainly fits this description. JÜ Meets Møster a deep, pulsing, electric album that burrows into your ears and rattles the soul.

Guitarist Àdàm Mészáros, bassist Ernö Hock and drummer Andràs Halmos make for an already impressive trio as JÜ. Mészáros plays his guitar as a rock musician does half the time, teeming with energy and giving the distinct impression that there's got to be some sort of rules broken here or something. Hock on bass seems to be the real heartbeat of this trio, throbbing with every song but never too afraid to make for a funky arrhythmia. Yet it's Andràs Halmos who really impresses, almost at times sounding as soulful as John Bonham. However, this group is on an entirely different plane of existence with Kjetil Møster on saxophones and clarinet. His addition makes for a quartet with a different kind of muscularity. Together, they make for what is either the rockingest jazz album of the year or the jazziest rock album.

JÜ Meets Møster is out December 8 on RareNoise Records.