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Jazz Now

We just had the honor of taking part in the Jazz Now project initiated by Patrick Jarenwattananon of NPR's A Blog Supreme.

Our task was to select 10 albums to introduce new jazz to individuals not familiar with the music. Our list included [Aaron Parks]' Invisible Cinema, [Avishai Cohen]'s Gently Disturbed, [Benjamin Moussay]'s Swimming Pool, [Christian Scott]'s Anthem, [e.s.t.]'s Tuesday Wonderland, [Laurent de Wilde]'s The Present, [Neil Cowley]'s Displaced, [Rusconi]'s One Up Down Left Right, [The Bad Plus]' These Are The Vistas and [Yaron Herman]'s A Time For Everything. Have a listen!

Aaron Parks - Invisible Cinema - Nemesis
Avishai Cohen - Gently Disturbed - Chutzpan
Benjamin Moussay - Swimming Pool - Lost Valey
Christian Scott - Anthem - Litany Against Fear
e.s.t. - Tuesday Wonderland - Tuesday Wonderland
Laurent de Wilde - The Present - Fleurette Africaine
Neil Cowley - Displaced - How Do We Catch Up
Rusconi - One Up Down Left Right - One Up Down Left Right
The Bad Plus - These Are the Vistas - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Yaron Herman - A Time for Everything - Toxic

Check out [Nextbop's entire Jazz Now post]. For more info on the project go to the [Jazz Now intro] or access the [Jazz Now project] to see the selections of other contributors.

Let us know what you think!