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Grand Pianoramax live in Mumbai

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We haven't talked about the new Grand Pianoramax album, "Smooth Danger", as much as we should have because we've just been busy with life. But the album was pretty fucking sick. Get ready for a crazy mix of electro trans video game music with sound effects, vocals and live drums. Here are 2 videos recorded in Mumbai by the duo and a blurb about the filming from Leo.

"Videos from Grand Pianoramax shows live at the Blue Frog in Mumbai. “Roulette” and “Clearvoyance”, two tracks from the new “Smooth Danger” album were recorded during the afternoons of the show, on the stage of the Blue Frog. The producer from the label had to kick out the cooks from the kitchen of the club, and switch off the fridges and AC so that it was quiet enough to record. But the cooks were sneaking in during the takes to grab a pot or some food left in there, it was a constant chase, as they were trying to get the food ready for the night and the band was trying to record a decent take. With the AC off (summertime in Mumbai), it was abt 40 C in the club during the recording, all afternoon long…" -LeoTardin from GrandPianoramax