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Gizmo - "White Walls" (Stream)

Alexander Brown
Staff Writer / @relaxandaspire

Kenneth “Gizmo” Rodgers is streaming his latest single “White Walls” from his ep “The Middle”. The album was released this past November, but it’s fine to take a late pass, especially given how cool this track sounds.

“White Walls” exemplifies how interesting jazz has become in the age of the internet. Many different genre cues blend into a track that is best described as lush. It’s also easy to hear how in the hands of a non-jazz artist a similar track would be over-produced and lacking the unique edge Gizmo gives his record.

Listen to the stream then buy the album for less than what you pay for a curbside lunch. You can also see Gizmo at the Art of the Cool Festival on April 25th in Durham, North Carolina.

Alexander Brown is a freelance writer. More of his work is available at his blog, Relax and Aspire.