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Gerald Clayton’s Bond: The Paris Sessions Streaming This Week

Alexander P. Brown
Staff Writer
alexanderparisbrown[at] / @RelaxAndAspire

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We here at Nextbop feel your pain. It’s the day after Cinco de Mayo (who put it on a Thursday anyway?) and many of you are deciding how to keep functioning while preparing to keep the party going this weekend. So while you are trying to cover the smell of cheap tequila and limes as you figure out the best way too look busy all day, may we suggest you occupy your time with the full stream of Gerald Clayton’s Bond: The Paris Sessions.

Astute readers/fans will note we’ve already had samples of half the album available for listening previously, but now, ahead of it’s May 10th release, you can enjoy the pianist’s second full work to date. The trio, also consisting of drummer Justin Brown and bassist Joe Sanders, provide proof positive of their amazing chemistry and lush aural textures. Think of it as an apt cerebral chaser to that hair-of-the-dog you took this morning (or for the more adventurous of you, the refill).

“I'm very excited to share this project with everyone, as it exhibits a new level of chemistry that has developed between the three of us. Since each of the compositions is dedicated to various personal bonds in my life, listening back conjures up specific memories and emotions for me. I hope the listener will enjoy the musical conversations taking place as much as I value the opportunity to bond with the trio.” - Gerald Clayton

Take a good long listen, tell your friends, and if you like the music, pick up the album on the 10th or better yet, pre-order it right now! Leave us all a note or two in the comments telling us how you feel about the work, don’t just take our word for it.

P.S. Gerald will be performing at the Jazz Standard in NYC tonight at tomorrow night (May 6th and 7th) with a quintet comprised of saxophonist Dayna Stephens, vibraphonist Chris Dingman, Joe Sanders on bass (on Friday, alternating with Matt Brewer on Saturday) and drummer Marcus Gilmore.