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Friday the 13th's Link Dump of Dopeness

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @retronius

Someone come up with a clever name for these link dumps. I’m open to suggestions (among other things, we are an open submission site, you know).

If you didn’t happen to be in NYC for Winter Jazz Fest last weekend (or if you were stuck in that line wrapped around Le Poisson Rouge), NPR recorded Viyay Iyer’s set featuring tracks from his upcoming trio album, Accelerando. As if you couldn’t be any more excited about this March release...

Peter Hum posted pianist/singer Steve Amirault’s 2012 resolutions for jazz. I rather like numbers 2 and 5 but I rather like my fedoras, thank you very much.

Greg Thomas over at All About Jazz agrees with me that rebranding jazz as BAM is unnecessary, and he didn’t have to be a jerk in stating his argument like some folks have in this discourse.

One of my favorite Everything Else artists of last year, Jonti, just released an album of his early work, Sine & Moon, at the Stones Throw label site for free. Who can turn down free?

Grand Pianoramax has a new video out of an extra new song, “Firefly”, recorded live at the Swiss La Télé. It’s solo Leo Tardin, but he, as always, makes the most out of seemingly few resources. It’s like his thing.

Finally, some of you may recall a post made last week of a leak of the Robert Glasper Experiment’s version of “Afro Blue” featuring Erykah Badu. The leak was indeed a leak and in order to not get into trouble, we had to take the post down. Well, now clearance has been opened and hype is continually generating for Black Radio’s February 28th release, so it would seem safe to let this song fly once more.

Edit: Second verse, same as the first. I'll keep you posted when it's cool to let this song fly, but that should be all the more incentive to look to the end of next month.