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ERIMAJ hits Kickstarter

Anthony Dean-Harris

Once again, we have another Kickstarter project that seems worthy of your attention. Drummer extraordinaire (and current mantle holder of the A Tribe Called Quest-esque constant “Award Tour”) is planning to record the long awaited album for his band, ERIMAJ.

If you’re thinking of making a Christmas present to jazz, maybe you should head over to his Kickstarter to make a pledge. Better yet, make a pledge in someone else’s name. It seems like a much better donation than a tree or a star or something your loved one probably won’t see. At least you’ll get a kick ass album to listen to out of the deal.

Here’s something to better break down what we’re talking about.

And remember, we’ve got a little sample here of some ERIMAJ goodness to remind you why this is all worth it.