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Christian Scott Limited Edition T-Shirt Fundraiser

s.helary [at]

It took a lot longer than I expected to get this project off the ground, but I’m very proud to announce that our Christian Scott T-Shirt Fundraiser is officially underway. You can pre-order your Limited Edition T-Shirt as of now on the Ropeadope Store. All proceeds from the sale will serve as fundraising for, at Christian's request.

I originally came up with this idea not only to raise money for our website (because let's face it, we're still not making anything and we're working really REALLY hard) but also to create a new source of revenue for jazz muscians (in order to combat the illegal downloading of their albums and also to diminish their dependency on touring). I wanted Nextbop and the artist chosen for the T-Shirt to share the profits from the sale 50/50.

I knew we'd need to start with a more well-known musician if we wanted to sell anything, so I talked to Christian about my idea. I told him I'd take care of everything and that I'd send him half the proceeds. What followed left me dumbstruck... Christian said we could make the T-Shirts, but that he also wanted us to keep all the money. He said that what we were doing was really important for the music and that we needed the money more than he did.

So this is our first T-Shirt in, hopefully, a series of many. If you enjoy what we do here at and if you want to help us improve our website, you know what to do. If this works out as planned, we'll definitely make more T-Shirts featuring other Nextbop musicians.

Special thanks to Christian for believing in us so much, to Carlos at Studio Big Dog for designing this Tee and to Louis at Ropeadope for helping us turn the design into a reality.