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Christian Scott - "Jihad Joe" and "Pyrrhic Victory of aTunde Adjuah" Live (Video)

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

For some reason, I was late to finding Christian Scott's YouTube page until now. Lately, he's been recording some of the performances from his current European tour. The Flip cam (RIP, Flip Video) recordings are good quality for such a handheld device and considering these videos are from Scott himself, they capture a certain intimacy that your standard holding a cell phone up at a show just doesn't seem to grasp. These are great videos to watch when you're not completely exhausting the current one week NPR stream of Christian aTunde Adjuah and you're waiting for the album to get here next week now that you've preordered it.

Christian Scott Quintet - "Jihad Joe" (7/15/2012)

Christian Scott Quintet - "Pyrrhic Victory of aTunde Adjuah" (7/13/2012)

Christian Scott Quintet - "Jihad Joe" (7/17/2012)