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Christian Scott Interviewed by UMass Student Action (Video)

Dean Curran and Christian Waterman
The Horizon
A UMass Student Action Publication

Christian Scott sat down for an interview with Dean Curran and Christian Waterman of The Horizon before his quintet played Harlem Stage on October 29th, 2011.

Before the interview, he told them that the quintet plans to release three albums in 2012. These albums will reveal his “real name” to the world, the name by which he is known to most of his family and friends.

“People that know me through my music call me Christian Scott,” he said.

He spoke to them about his career, the state of New Orleans, and how music can be a catalyst for social change.

“I think that historically music has been one of the main catalysts for social change,” he said. “I’ve actually seen music change people’s outlooks as children so [...] you can’t tell me that music can’t change someone’s perspective.”

He also told them about the “whisper technique,” an unvoiced tone for which he is known that took years to perfect.

Video by Stephen Roll of Roll With It Productions.