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Call for Open Submissions

[Anthony Dean-Harris]
Editor-in-Chief / @retronius

We’ve been really excited about today. Today we ask that our Nextbop family get a little bigger. Seb, Justin, and I have been working hard to make sure you, dear web surfer, would love everything we have to offer here. Still, our goal has always been to build a true community of folks who love good music. What better way to do that than to open the doors or windows or whatever you want to go with here to build/destroy a metaphor and allow for you to become a part of the process of making Nextbop great.

You can certainly do a lot with comments at the end of articles but you can do even more with sending counter arguments in the form of essays or telling everyone about this great concert you went to last week or maybe sending us pictures of a gig or legitimate bootleg video. The possibilities are endless.

We’re opening up the site to anything you’d like to submit. There are still [writerguidelines] you should follow (so your work can be all gussied up and ready to show to everyone), but the important thing is becoming a part of this collective we’re making here. Besides, as a writer and editor, I think it’s cool to be part of this Nextbop family despite the fact I can’t play an instrument. If you write, write a quick news article about something you heard or a full blown essay. If you converse, send a recorded interview. If you have the artist and venue’s permission, send us recorded clips of a show you saw. Let’s make this the best site it can be.

Come be a part of the Nextbop community. We’re ready for you.