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Baptiste Trotignon on Stevie Wonder

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To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the Montreal Jazz Festival organized an extraordinary Stevie Wonder concert to the delight of a Montreal audience of over 200,000. This was the perfect opportunity for the French pianist Baptiste Trotignon , who witnessed first-hand this astonishing event, to share with us his thoughts on this legendary artist.

“What I love about Stevie Wonder is his ability to create pop music in a very profound manner. With regards to harmony, rhythm and melody, he’s a true musician who thinks similarly to a jazzman. Creating both sophisticated and profound music is something which is very close to my heart and even though I don’t play the same type of music, I can truly relate with his frame of mind.”

For those who enjoy music from this era, be sure to check out Trotignon’s album Flower Power where he covers hits from the 70’s including Bob Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man and Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog. With regards to this album, Trotignon said that he chose not to include any Stevie Wonder tracks because he believes that, similarly to The Beatles, the musician’s repertoire constitutes a unique universe to which an entire album should be dedicated. Even though he hasn’t thought about it, this could be an interesting project for Trotignon’s future…