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Avishai Cohen's Aurora Pics!

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Sup y'all!

We just received some new [Avishai Cohen] promo stuff from his Aurora album. We have some press pics but also the [English translations] to all the songs featured on Aurora. Plus make sure to listen to Avishai in the Nextplayer! He 'effing ROCKS!


"Never have I thought I would have the courage to sing, let alone express myself through words. After many years of recording instrumental music I have grown to love and appreciate my voice. It has been challenging for me both technically and emotionally. The sincerity and intimacy of the voice are now an important factor in the way I choose to express myself through music. Aurora is the result of a process over a few years, exploring and looking deep inside, facing and accepting my weakest and darkest sides, as well as my happy and bright ones. I'm humbled and honored to share so much of myself with you."
Avishai Cohen