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Toute la Soiree avec Vijay Iyer.

Justin Wee. The second half of Nextbop, the Alfred Lion to my Francis Wolff, the Diz to my Bird, the Chick Corea to my Bobby McFerrin, the Matt Stevens to my [Christian Scott], the Miles to my Coltrane, the ... meh . you get the picture. Justin writes beautifully in French. So I thought: "Fuck it." Why not share it with those who do understand. So here's his article on our [Vijay Iyer] day. (update: the Google Translation is pretty darn readable!)

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MJF 2010: Day 1


Recap of my first day at the Festival: IT WAS SiCK! Last year's start was EPIC with a Stevie Wonder concert followed by a Stefano Bollani and Enrico Rava duet. But this year was ALL [Vijay Iyer] and I LOVED every bit of it.

Started of the day meeting with [Vy]! We headed off to the press room where we got our press passes and a pair of espressos complimentary of the Festival. Next stop: the Festival's Art Gallery where we assisted to the unveiling of a new Miles Davis printing. Of course, veggies, wine, cheese and bread were complimentary once more.

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Vysual Notes (June 25th 2010)

Vy Drouin Le
Contributing Writer

Intro - Sketches of Miles - Art Gallery Opening 6/25

MFJ founder, Alain Simard, opened his speech by proudly presenting a print edition of a unique drawing by Miles Davis, “Chariot of Gods.” (main photo – print 52/300) Miles was known to often sketch on the road, and when hundreds of his drawings were found in the late 1980s, one was given to Simard. Describing how the musician’s rhythm and gesture translate in his sketches from everywhere, Simard emphasized the importance of the relationship between jazz and the visual arts. In that sense, Vysual Notes bring a new perspective to with a focus on the visual experience in music.

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MJF 2010: Vijay Iyer Interview

Got the chance to meet up with [Vijay Iyer] yesterday for a brief interview (briefs or boxers? nah. juss kidding). Vijay's the CHILLEST DUDE EVER! HIS SHOWS WERE AWESOME! Videos of the shows coming later.

Peace out live from the Montreal Jazzfest,

P.S. This was the first day of using a video camera borrowed a few hours before... so yes it's over exposed... and yes we need a mic.

UPDATE: I'll be transcribing the interview when I get a minute (because the sound really is dreadful). My sincere apologies.

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Concerts: Januray 16th to 30th

I'm a tiny bit late with this one. I know. But come on! It's the NFL playoffs! In case you hadn't noticed, concerts listings got moved to Saturday in order to give a proper place to [Anthony]'s column. Upside is you now get two weeks of listings so that you can plan ahead!