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Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood to Release 'Juice' Sept. 16th

Anthony Dean-Harris & Ben Gray
Editor-in-Chief & Staff Writer / @nextbop

As if things haven't been busy enough for Medeski Martin & Wood, the hits just keep on coming. Just a couple months ago, the trio teamed up with guitarist Nels Cline to release the live recording Woodstock Sessions, Vol. 2, but that was just them getting warmed up for 2014. Come September, pianist John Medeski, drummer Billy Martin, and bassist Chris Wood are set to release their new album Juice alongside their regular collaborator, guitarist John Scofield, on MMW's own Indirecto Records.

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Medeski, Martin, and Wood with Nels Cline to Release 'Woodstock Sessions' April 15th

Ben Gray
Contributing Writer

Medeski, Martin, and Wood have been putting together heavy grooves with Medeski’s organ and keyboard sounds for a couple of decades now. They have collaborated with Scotty Hard, DJ Logic and DJ Olive, among others, bringing electronic textures into the music and with lots of other forward-thinking musicians (the Antibalas horns, Marc Ribot, Danny Blume, John Scofield, Charlie Hunter, etc., etc.). Most recently, the trio collaborated with guitarist Nels Cline (from Wilco) to record Woodstock Sessions, a live album recorded in the studio. Woodstock Sessions will be available on April 15, but you can pre-order through iTunes and get a free download of the track "Jade" ahead of the full-album release.

Check out "Jade" and "Bonjour Breeze" from the album after the jump.

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Medeski Martin and Wood to Release Acoustic Album Sept. 25

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Hot on the trail of their double album with guitarist John Scofield last year, Before the World Changes Its Mind, Medeski Martin & Wood are getting ready to release a new/old album, Free Magic, a collection of acoustic songs out September 25th. The songs all come from the group's first-ever acoustic tour from back in 2007.

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Billy Martin's new film Life on Drums

Big Hassle Media
Press Release


An evocative, educational exploration of the creative inspiration at work behind the trap set, directed by and featuring Billy Martin of [Medeski Martin and Wood]

Life on Drums, to be released on DVD via Vongole Films on October 8, is a refreshing reinvention of the instructional video, blending a cinematic visual sense with an approach to instruction that prizes the intuitive and the creative over the merely technical. Conceived by, directed by, and featuring the endlessly musical drummer, percussionist and teacher Billy Martin (Medeski Martin and Wood), Life on Drums is a riveting extension of his open-ended approach to percussion, improvisation, and music.