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Grand Pianoramax releases "Smooth Danger"

Press Release
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Grand Pianoramax displays Leo Tardin’s ability to send free-form jazz, future funk, art rock and hip-hop into exhilarating free fall.” – Metro London (UK)

"Smooth Danger" is the third installment from Grand Pianoramax, the Berlin-based duo comprised by sonic alchemist/keyboard visionary Leo Tardin and drum modernist Dominik Burkhalter. The album takes a bold step into 21st century experimental electronica through a vociferous ingestion of culture that's then reborn into the world as a masterfully cut-and-pasted vision. Devoid of borders and subversive in execution, "Smooth Danger" is a warped sonic affair, partially recorded in Mumbai, India and Fribourg, Switzerland and largely influenced by the Berlin underground. Its tweaked analog textures created with spindly keyboards, battered Wurlitzers, rewired Moogs, skewed grand pianos and a drum kit, along with the voice of rappers, poets and other left of center artists, including guest appearances from tabla player Karsh Kale and spoken-word artists Mike Ladd and Black Cracker. This is music that breathes new life into the molten concrete of the megalopolis. The post-modern burn scar, the morose melting pot of a generation who sit and stare at the world in the second before it vanishes.

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This week on Facebook (VII)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! For those of you who haven't heard the news, the Nextbop family just got a little larger. We're STOKED to bring in Anthony M. Dean-Harris to the website. He's kindly agreed to write an editorial for us once a week. Justin and I realize that there's only so many "That's SiCK!" or "It 'effing ROCKS!" that you guys can take, so we we've been looking for someone to bring more depth to Nextbop. Anthony sent me his first post yesterday and it 'effing ROCKS! (LOL!) So check him out every Thursday on! In the mean time, you can have a look at his [blog] and you can follow him on [Twitter]!

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Music Monday: December 28th 2009

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Sorry for the sporadic posting, but we're now back on schedule!

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This week on Facebook (I)

Well, somewhat more that a week since this is the first post of the series...

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