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Music Monday: November 9th 2009

Had a brilliant idea last week. I know, I'm awesome... Sent the following message to most (might have forgotten a few) of the Nextboppers.

"I want to gather a few of the artists on Nextbop and have them suggest a song every week to build a sort of playlist. I want to know what you guys are listening to, what you find dope, what you think absolutely everyone needs to listen to. It can be any genre, any period, absolutely anything. From Stravinsky to Wu-Tang to Nirvana to The Bad Plus to Art Blakey to Bob Dylan. Anything!"

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Listen to Christian Scott!

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Canada: iTunes, Amazon CD

[Listen to Christian Scott in the Nextplayer]

I had planned on posting this tomorrow, but I just can't wait any longer... We have 6 [Christian Scott] streams! Concord Records is officially my favorite label! I just wrote about Christian for the [Jazz Now project], so I figured I'd reuse the material. Only difference is that the text was toned down by NPR, so here's the raw and uncensored version. And yes, I posted 2 different versions of "Litany Against Fear". Why? Because I can and because it's hands down my all-time favorite song!