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Aaron Parks Live in Japan

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

UPDATE: Aaron just gave this whole set away as a free download at his new Bandcamp page. Listen to this official bootleg and download it after the jump.

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Aaron Parks' Invisible Cinema Lead Sheets

US: iTunes, Amazon CD, Amazon MP3
Canada: iTunes, Amazon CD

[Listen to Aaron Parks in the Nextplayer]

Loved [Aaron Parks]'s Invisible Cinema? Wish you could play his songs? Well, we got his lead sheets! Aaron thought Nextbop would be a cool place to post these, so here you have it! Have a listen at his music while you're here and be on the lookout for Jame's Farm, his new collaborative project with Joshua Redman, Matt Penman and Eric Harland (they'll be touring Europe VERY shortly)!

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Concerts: Januray 16th to 30th

I'm a tiny bit late with this one. I know. But come on! It's the NFL playoffs! In case you hadn't noticed, concerts listings got moved to Saturday in order to give a proper place to [Anthony]'s column. Upside is you now get two weeks of listings so that you can plan ahead!

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This week on Facebook (VII)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! For those of you who haven't heard the news, the Nextbop family just got a little larger. We're STOKED to bring in Anthony M. Dean-Harris to the website. He's kindly agreed to write an editorial for us once a week. Justin and I realize that there's only so many "That's SiCK!" or "It 'effing ROCKS!" that you guys can take, so we we've been looking for someone to bring more depth to Nextbop. Anthony sent me his first post yesterday and it 'effing ROCKS! (LOL!) So check him out every Thursday on! In the mean time, you can have a look at his [blog] and you can follow him on [Twitter]!