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Benny Lackner

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Presenting singularly expressive jazz, embellished with slight electronic augmentation and drum programming, The Benny Lackner Trio is anything but typical. Functioning as a collective, with each member interjecting equally toward the construction of their material, the trio’s music is unfailingly intricate and multifaceted. While their unique compositions and renditions of jazz standards are remarkably sophisticated and challenging, it is in their unconventional interpretation of contemporary pop hits—by such diverse artists as Prince, Bjork and Jimi Hendrix—that The Benny Lackner Trio reveals its virtuosity. Through abstraction these songs become new, untainted works of art, made complete through a marriage of musical traditions, which shake the dust from jazz and bring it into the light, revitalized and emancipated.




2007 Stray Dog
  • Mowgla
  • Pilgrim
  • Beyond
  • Let It Die
  • Brad Plus
  • Blind
  • I Never
  • Lonely, Lonely
  • K.W.S Nightmare
  • Transkel
  • Emma's Song